• Farnaz Noori

    Entrepreneur and innovative mindset

  • Hi, my name is Farnaz, a passionate explorer of digital platforms and startups!

    UCD Michael Smurfit post-graduate student of Digital Innovation who is investigating the intersection of Technology and Business. I work on the generating and prototyping process of digital business models in the startup ecosystems. As part of my activities, in order to prototype and learn how to manage these projects, I practise with varied digital and BI tools such as Tableau beside designing UI mockups and also practising with online project management applications.

    I am also passionately exploring the digital and financial technology or the trendy "Fintech" industry.

    Fintech startups aim to bring the most efficient and digitized financial services to all users and clients in order to provide more efficient and less paper-based service/product beside gathering a huge amount of financial data in terms of big data analysis concept.



  • Education

    Master of science in Digital Innovation

    UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

    Graduate Student

    Sep 2017 – Present

  • Learning Journal

    “Moments of being in the world that I want to save, Pictures of the world that I have witnessed, To reread the journal is to see oneself seeing.” Grumet,1990.


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